Saturday 三線レッスン by 安慶名さつき /Saturday Sanshin Lesson by Satsuki Agena

土曜朝活!子供も大人もみんなで三線奏でましょ。 三線を弾きたい人も三線の音色を聞きたい人も三線を弾くのが大好きな人もみんなで、三線を楽しみましょう! 体に染みる気持ちい音色と、ほっこり素敵な休日を過しませんか?初心者、お子様、親子大歓迎です!!

Don’t know how to read notes of sanshin “kun-kun-shi” or have any experience in the instrument? Not to worry! Our instructor will teach you patiently and thoroughly. 
Do you want to learn to play the sanshin? Do you want to listen to the sound of the sanshin? Do you love playing the sanshin? If the answer to these is yes, then why don’t you come and join Saturday Sanshin? Have a relaxing Saturday morning with the smooth sound of the sanshin along! Beginners, adults, children, family, anyone is welcome ☺ Let’s enjoy the sanshin together! 

レッスン内容 / Contents


・Tuning the sanshin
・Practice a song of the month
・Play a phrase for each person
・Play with everyone
・Chitchat about sanshin


日程 毎週土曜日/Every Saturday 11:00~12:00
講習料 / Price 大人¥1,500(税込) / 小人¥1,000(税込) /Adult ¥1500 Child (over 7 years) ¥1000
定員/Capacity 6名 / 6 people


用意するもの / Things to prepare

  • 三線
  • バチ(持っている方) ※レンタルもOK!
  • Sanshin & Bachi (if you have)
  • Rental is available


講師紹介 / Instructor’s bio

安慶名 さつき/Satsuki Agena

From Okinawa city
She started learning the sanshin when she was 8.
She joined Ryukyu Classical Music Preservation Nomura Style Association and started learning Ryukyuan (Okinawan) classical music at the age of 16. After getting the teaching certification of sanshin, she went to Canada to study English. She taught the members of Calgary Okinawan community how to play the sanshin. She came back to Okinawa and started a new chapter of her music career in Okinawa.
Grand Prize Award, Sanshin Teaching Certificate, English